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Why Astrocode ?

Discover your astrological portrait

An intimate celestial snapshot, our Astrological Portrait allows you to explore your individuality from a fresh perspective, offering a new lens to understand and navigate your life’s journey. Experience the thrill of self-discovery, and see yourself reflected in the stars above.”

Astrological compatibility

Whether you’re looking to foster harmony, overcome challenges, or simply unravel the mysteries of your bond, our Astrological Compatibility tool offers you a universe of insights, connecting love and the stars in a single touch.

Find out more about other people

By inputting another person’s date and time of birth, you can generate a comprehensive astrological profile that reveals the cosmic influences shaping their life. This feature interprets the positions of the planets and zodiac signs at their birth time, offering a profound understanding of their inherent strengths, potential weaknesses, aspirations, and hidden potential.

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