Astro Code
Your personal astrologer
We're surrounded many people on a daily basis, but we always wondering who they are and what can we expect from them. AstroCode can help you to understand more about people you interact with.
Astro Code app is easy and has everything you need to learn about yourself and people around you
Learn About Yourself
You will get a detailed and accurate description of your personality, your weaknesses and your strengths.
Learn About People Around
In the People section you can get a detailed description on any person you want to know more about. Learn more about your friends, family or collegues so you could understand them better.
Find out how you match each other with your current or potential partner. Knowing your points of tension can help you save happy relationships for decades.
Your personal astrologer
AstroCode can totally substitute a real professional astrology.
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Available for iPhone 6 and above